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Marshall Mendez definitely knows how to do more than expected and impress his customers. My husband and I walked into Kawasaki not really knowing much about what we were buying and Marshall along with this team took the time to educate and empower us to make sure we were making the right decision that benefited us. There were a few minor hiccups along the way but what was very impressive about it all was that no one in the building was afraid to take accountability. From Marshall the sales guy to the mechanics in the back everyone knew how to take ownership of the matter and act with integrity along the way. To me and my husband that is what is most important in any company we give business to. Thank you Marshall Mendez and Kawasaki Yamaha of Reno for keeping it professional and following through! We are happy and loyal customers and will be back in the future for other purchases! (Employee: MARSHALL MENDEZ)
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Gerardina Rodriguez
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