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Must say, I'm a bit of a stickler for customer service only because it seems nowadays it is almost nonexistent. So when I went into Reno Yamaha/Kawasaki I was pleasantly surprised. I initially called and spoke to James to request pricing availability on 2019 or 2020 KX450's. He informed me of the incentives available to me, and that bikes were in stock. I went in a few days later negotiated a price, incentive package and paid cash for a 2020 KX450 on the spot. He was to the point, easy to work with, polite and professional. So much so, that I told a friend who was shopping around for the same bike to go in and speak to James as well. He too was impressed with the price and ease of shopping at Reno Kawasaki and also decided to purchase a 2020 KX450! Well done James. Scott Hubele- Reno NV. (Employee: James Griffith)
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Scott Hubele
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