Outstanding Experience
I spoke to Sean over the phone a few times and flaked on showing up as I stated but when I finally did he was more than helpful and personable as I do not know much about side by sides. He listened to what I wanted and what its uses were for and steered me towards a Mule Pro FXT. It was not the most expensive or high performance side by side but ended up being exactly what I needed and wanted. The manager John also helped out quite a bit to further help with the financing and answering the more technical questions about the machine. John and Sean both gave me a thorough walk through of the mule as again its fairly new to me. I had a few questions a few days later and stopped in and they both took the time to answer them completely and make sure I was satisfied with my Mule. I will also like to acknowledge Will as he talked me through the proper maintenance and importance of certain aspects of the Mule (especially keeping the air filter clean) in a simple easy to understand conversation. Overall a very good experience for someone not knowing a lot about side by sides. (Employee: Sean Clemens, John Thurmond, Will Chabino)
John Hitch
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